European Folk Day 

European Folk Day: 23rd September 2023!

The first ever European Folk Day will take place on Saturday, 23rd September 2023.

From grassroots communities to national organisations, and from individual musicians to companies involved in traditional arts at any level, anyone can get involved. In the music player above, we have included a collection of mixcloud recordings of folk music that we really like from UK Folk Music, Tom music and Folk & Acoustic Show.

Learn more about European Folk Day by listening to the audio file below.

The traditional arts are an essential element of European cultural identity and diversity. They are a source of wealth of a magnitude we can only begin to imagine.

There are millions of us who work, create and actively participate in this fundamental element of our culture. It’s time to celebrate that!


Your participation in the European Folk Day can take any form you want, as long as it is related to the theme. Register your event by visiting the European Folk Day website.